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The Elements Required to Record Streaming


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Streaming media like live news, music and videos are becoming increasingly popular day by day in the world of internet. This tendency makes streaming media recording popular. What's more, it is important to know some required elements of recording streaming media. There are four elements required to record streaming media: an Internet connection, a powerful computer, recording software and a hard drive.

Internet Connection - The speed of the Internet connection is essential to streaming media. The speed which low 10 megabytes per second will interrupt in the sound and skip images. The consistent upload and download speeds will make you get true streaming.

Powerful Computer - The type of computer which contains a high speed processor and large memory capacity is necessary. The development of powerful computers has made media streaming possible with high quality.

Recording Software - A great number of recording software are used to record streaming media. No matter they are free or not, they should supply basic functions to record in various formats and convert files between different formats.

Hard Drive - The size of the hard drive in the computer is also important for recording streaming media. You should pay attention that the format greatly influences the file size and the storage requirements. The file sizes are typically between 5 & 8 gigabytes (GB) and high definition or Blue-ray files are between 10 to 15 megabytes (MB).

Follow the elements as above talked, you will record streaming media without difficult and with high quality. Otherwise, considering your current and long-term needs, you'd better select the software which has the ability to schedule recording to occur automatically.

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