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The device you chosen highly determined the quality of videos being ripped. But, it is not suitable to pin all the failures on the software you are using, because there is still some software which you can believe. If you used the software which is highly recommended by experts but there were still some errors or low quality videos, at this time, you should consider about the device you chosen to save the media files.

Here, people summarized a piece of principle as, "even how advance is the software, still its activity will be slowed down by any computers you are on with low functioning capability". This rationale influences the whole performance and may lead to delays in the operation.

To deal with the failures of ripping as above described, two of the "must be" you should follow to obtain the best output quality.

1. Select the Suitable Software and Format

Firstly, it is the most important thing to consider what conversion software you are using. For video or audio conversion, it is the most basically requirements. So, you'd better select the proper software to attain the satisfied output quality.

Another element is format. Not all players support multiple output formats. In a DVD, the software which does both audio and video ripping is needed. The difference is that video ripping compresses video into MPEG-4, AVI, DiVX or FLV and so on, while the audio ripping compresses it into formats like MP3, WAV or OGG.

2. Check the CPU Speed, Drive Speed, Processor, and Free Space

It is important that you should make sure that the CPU speed is fast enough to match with the need of the DVD ripper. The activity will be slowed down if the CPU speed doesn’t cater to the expected speed of the software. Meanwhile, driver speed indicates the ripping capability of your device. A fast drive will lead to a faster computer, and less frustrated computing for you.

If you want to get a faster ripping activity of the DVD, owning at least a 2hgz+ processor is necessary. What's more, there is also enough free space to store the whole audio or video of the DVD.

Thus, you'd better consider two of the "must be" talked above when doing a ripping, because the possibility of failure during the operation is highly existed. If not, you will get a frustrating result.

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